Digital Citizenship at Fox Hill

Recently, Fox Hill Help Desk fourth graders Kritika, Mason, and Savannah collaborated on writing an original digital citizenship rap. The girls showed their understanding of appropriate use of technology and digital communication in a creative and fun way. This is definitely a great video to show other elementary students and would be an excellent introduction to the concept of digital citizenship.

Telestory in the Elementary Classroom

Since returning from the holiday break, Fox Hill Help Desk students have been busy exploring educational iOS applications for the elementary classroom. Telestory is an app that the Help Desk students are especially excited about. After showing students just a few of Telestory’s features, including the themes, costumes, and cue cards, many students began making their own creations with Telestory. Fourth grade Help Desk student Kritika created an example Telestory early last week.  In her example, Kritika demonstrates the news theme. She reports on the weather in Burlington and facilitates two debates; one about should there be an extended recess and one about cell phones in the classroom. It is highly entertaining, worth a watch, and frankly it’s adorable!

Telestory Example by Help Desk Student Kritika 

How Did She Make That? A Telestory Tutorial by Kritika

Because she did such a great job making a Telestory example, I asked Kritika if she could make a tutorial on how to use the app. She did an OUTSTANDING job independently creating this detailed walk through of the app, so if you plan to use Telestory with your students, I HIGHLY recommend showing them Kritika’s demonstration. In the six minute tutorial, Kritika shows you how to select a theme, use costumes and cue cards and how to save a finished project to the camera roll. Telestory is a fantastic free app that not only encourages students to think creatively, it is an excellent way to have students practice their speech and language skills. Stay tuned for additional Telestory examples from Fox Hill third graders who recently read The Lemonade Wars and created book reviews with this excellent application.

Explain Everything – The Basics

Below are four Explain Everything tutorials created for students and teachers by the student geniuses of the Help Desk at Fox Hill. We hope you find these tutorials helpful if you are new to using the iOS application Explain Everything. Enjoy!

Adding, deleting, and copying slides in Explain Everything

Adding and deleting audio in Explain Everything

How to add and change fonts in Explain Everything

Locking and unlocking objects in Explain Everything

Adding subheadings and arrows in Explain Everything

Deleting Objects in Explain Everything


Meet the Help Desk at Fox Hill

I am thrilled to announce the Help Desk at Fox Hill blog is now live! The fourth and fifth grade members of the Help Desk are eager to assist our local Fox Hill community here in Burlington as well as students and teachers across the world! The digital resources shared on this blog will help students and teachers in K-5 classrooms learn how to use educational technology. Our focus will be on iPad apps and Google Apps for Education and we will also provide advice for students, parents, and teachers on how to integrate responsible digital citizenship at school and at home. Our goal is to provide practical, time saving tips for teachers and students and encourage the creative and innovative use of the iPad. When used effectively, an iPad can help engage and motivate learners. An iPad can also provide teachers with options for differentiation and a personalized learning experience. Another goal of the Help Desk at Fox Hill is to increase the technology skills and knowledge of its members and allow them to share their learning with a global audience.

Our Logo

After being accepted into the Help Desk, the students’ first task was to design a logo for the team and our various social media channels. Twenty five logo designs were submitted for consideration. The selected Help Desk at Fox Hill logo was a collaborative effort by fifth graders Nick, Hannah, and Madison. Check out their creative work below:


Connect with us!

In addition to subscribing to our blog, you can stay connected with the Help Desk at Fox Hill through our Twitter account as well as our YouTube channel which will feature our educational technology instructional videos.

I am excited to have the opportunity to build and grow a Help Desk program at the elementary level and even more excited to share the great work of my students throughout the upcoming school year!